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6 Things To Do At Your First Practice

By September 23, 2016 Youth Worship
first practice

You’ve gotten kids that are interested… now what?

  • Plan a practice

    (Preferably two per week ) that coordinates to your time as well as theirs. We do ours on Sundays at 1:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 4 p.m. Once you are with them, have them take a seat.

  •  Tell them a little about yourself and maybe even your testimony

    Let them know that you take this very seriously and it’s not something to be in if you aren’t serious in leading people in worship. If they don’t know what worship is, give them your definition with some scripture to back you up. Tell them what they will be doing and what to be expecting. Basically just an introduction to worship.

  • Figure out what instrument everyone is playing

    Then, set up so you can have the first practice.

  • Have chords and words printed out for the songs you will be doing.

    You need to start out easy. Most likely, these students aren’t going to be able to play their instruments very well. But dont worry, all the practice they will be doing will increase their skills. A few easy songs to start off learning could be How He Loves, Revelation Song, or Set a fire. But there are endless possibilities. Those are just simple songs with 4 chords that repeat over and over. If they have never heard the songs, show them.

  • Now, for the talk.

    This is optional. We sat our students down in a room alone one at a time and just got to know their heart a little bit. We let them share their testimony, find out if they have ever been saved, and why they want to be in the worship band. And then we went into more detail about us. Like why we became worship leaders, how we became saved, and our vision for the worship band’s future. It was really emotional. I highly recomend this. Just ask them questions to get to know their hearts.

  • Practice.

    Be sure not to leave anyone behind. When I was in my first worship band, I played piano and everytime I got lost, no one would help me and I wouldn’t learn or know how to do what we’ve practiced. Take it slow. And don’t try to learn more than two songs in one day.

One rule that me and my boyfriend made was to be at four practices before being up on stage. So many times, we would have people that just come in and out of the band as they please. We want commitment. So we made a rule that if they want to be in the band, they have to make it to four practices, which was two weeks because we have two per week. Also, if they don’t make it to Sunday practices, they can’t play or sing on Wednesday. You don’t have to do those things, but I was just sharing some things we have done with our youth.

Good luck with your first practice! I want to hear all about it.

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